Criminal negligence by corporate officers – a good read from Woodruff Sawyer

Passing this along (click the link below) – a good discussion by Woodruff Sawyer about corporate officer liability for criminal negligence (and in a subsequent post I’ll attach an article that I have written which in part discusses this issue). Although corporate officers and board members are not usually prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing, this is an area in which officers and directors can have liability exposure, particularly, for example, in some situations such as environmental contamination, personal consumer or community safety and injury, and with respect to select statutes. Prudent risk and safety management can go a long way to protect officers and directors from liability. Click on the link below to read the Woodruff Sawyer article.

David Tate, Esq. (and CPA, California inactive), litigation, Royse Law Firm, Menlo Park, California office, with offices in northern and southern California).

Here is the Woodruff Sawyer article link:

Attend This – Navigating the D&O Risk Landscape: 2017 Silicon Valley Update – January 17, 2017 – Palo Alto

With the Palo Alto Area Bar Association I have helped to set up this January 17, 2017, lunchtime presentation, Navigating the D&O Risk Landscape: 2017 Silicon Valley Update. The presentation will be at the law firm Wilson Sonsini in Palo Alto. I’m not speaking, but the speakers are excellent and very, very experienced with D&O insurance needs, coverage and litigation. If you or someone you know is involved or interested in D&O insurance needs, this is a great presentation. I have known Priya for years, and she writes an excellent D&O blog.

Below I have provided some additional information about the speakers, and here is a link to register to attend (!event/2017/1/17/navigating-the-d-o-risk-landscape-2017-silicon-valley-update). And here is a link for the Palo Alto Area Bar Association (, click on “Events” if the above direct presentation link does not work).

Here are the speakers:

Navigating the D&O Risk Landscape: 2017 Silicon Valley Update: Discussion of public and private company exposures and actionable best practices for those exposure.

Priya Cherian Huskins, Esq.
Senior Vice President, D&O, Woodruff Sawyer & Co.

Vysali Soundararajan
Senior Claims Consultant, Claims Audit & Consulting Practice, Woodruff Sawyer & Co.

Best to you, and wishing you a great 2017.
Dave Tate, Esq., San Francisco and California.