Private Directors Association – San Francisco Chapter, and Webinar Sponsor, Speaker and Panel Opportunities

I am a founding member of the San Francisco Chapter of the Private Directors Association (PDA). The San Francisco Chapter was formed in 2020 during COVID. The Chapter is humming along and has over 100 members.

The Private Directors Association has Chapters across the United States, and also two additional Chapters in Southern California.

Each Chapter presents webinars on topics of interest and relevance to private company and organization directors. There are opportunities for webinar sponsors, speakers and panels. Upcoming webinars and events are advertised and promoted to all members and Chapters, not just to the local Chapter.

There are also Chapter sponsorship opportunities which provide additional benefits and exposure for the sponsor.

For additional information, if you would like, you can reach out to me at I have also linked below the current webinar sponsor/speaker packet, a brochure for the San Francisco Chapter, and a brochure for National PDA.

Here is a link for the San Francisco Chapter website and here is a link for the National PDA website

Immediately below in the following order you will find links for the current webinar sponsor/speaker packet, a brochure for the San Francisco PDA Chapter, and a brochure for National PDA.

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