More on Culture/NACD, and Risk Management

I did some weekend reading. The following are two items of interest.

New NACD Report on Culture

The following is a link to the page for the NACD Commission Report on Culture as a Corporate Asset – the complimentary material (28 pages) is worthwhile reading if you are not a NACD member:

Of course, the NACD culture report doesn’t carry with it any force of law or requirement, and, although the report is fairly specific while at the same time also vague in that it often refers to comments by commission members who are unnamed, the report is significant because it is provided and supported by a leading board director organization as an indicator that entity culture is an important area for board oversight.

New Post by Norman Marks About Risk Management

And from part of a blog post by Norman Marks about risk management, which you can see at the following link

” . . . board should be asking these questions:

  • How likely are we to achieve our objectives?
  • If the likelihood is less than acceptable, why? What can we do about it?
  • If there is a possibility of exceeding our objective, what can and should we do?
  • What assurance do we have that management is taking the right risks, making intelligent and informed decisions?
  • Are there any risks that we should be concerned about, that merit our attention and possibly our action?”

I will be attending the NACD No. California Feb. 24, Shareholder Activism program – will you be there – say hello

For my contacts, I will be attending the February 24, 2016, NACD Northern California program about shareholder activism in San Francisco from 5:30-7:30 at night. If any of my contacts will also be attending, please be sure to say hello.

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