California employee, anti-gig, anti-contractor economy legislation – effect on independent truckers and others – need legal advice?

I saw a news article yesterday about the effect that the California legislation classifying more workers as employees might have on independent truckers. It brings to mind whether the Legislature considered the entire impact of the legislation on the different types of work and businesses, and the different worker areas.

The legislation has the potential to impact a lot of different worker stakeholders. Mind you, I have no personal knowledge about the effect of the legislation on independent truckers, but the regular news story represented that the legislation will or might impact all independent truckers who haul loads in California and the businesses that hire them.

The story reported that currently independent truckers often are paid at much higher rates or twice the rate of employee truckers, although the independent truckers also have to bear the cost of operating their rigs and businesses, and might not be paid benefits by the businesses that hire them. The bottom line is that very soon independent truckers might not be able to operate as independent contractors in California. Certainly, as with all new legislation or new case law, this becomes an area of law upon which those people and businesses that are impacted, in this circumstance independent truckers and the businesses that hire them, might well need legal advice and representation.

And I am sure that the legislation will also impact a whole host of other workers and the businesses that hire them.


Remember, every case and situation is different. It is important to obtain and evaluate all of the evidence that is available, and to apply that evidence to the applicable standards and laws. You do need to consult with an attorney and other professionals about your particular situation. This post is not a solicitation for legal or other services inside of or outside of California, and, of course, this post only is a summary of information that changes from time to time, and does not apply to any particular situation or to your specific situation. So . . . you cannot rely on this post for your situation or as legal or other professional advice or representation.

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