Persuasive Litigator – Refine Your “Good Company” Story – A Post For Thought

Below is a link from Persuasive Litigator entitled “Refine Your ‘Good Company’ Story.” It’s a short read. I’m posting it just for thought – the discussion doesn’t go into detail about how to tell a “Good Company” story, but it discusses timing or placement and a couple of juror studies.

The “story” might also come off as being self-serving, but a company always has that risk, as do also the witnesses from the company who will be testifying.

In fact, the topic of this post from Persuasive Litigator is relevant in every case, including cases that don’t involve a “company.” Even in a case where just people are involved, such as the typical vehicle accident case, or in a will or trust contest, it is important for the judge or jury to get a feel for the witnesses, that they are honest, and perhaps even like them, but at least feel that they are honest, based not just on their testimony but also on the actual hard evidence in the case.

The story must make sense and be believable. And let me add, it is best if the “good” story starts by acts and deeds long before the litigation arises.

Here’s the link to the Persuasive Litigator discussion, CLICK HERE.

Have a great Friday. I hope your litigation cases go well. Best to you, Dave Tate, Esq., San Francisco and California