New Governance Guidance Stretches Thinking on Ethics, Risk, and More

​The King IV draft code has much to say about governance, risk management, compliance, and assurance. Click on the following link for the discussion by Norman Marks and see my comments below:

This article by Norman Marks discusses parts of the new King IV code that concentrate on culture, ethics and risk. It’s interesting for thought with respect to your own organization. It is and has been long well-known that all three corporate areas, culture, ethics and risk management, are instrumental to business performance and legal compliance.

And although these areas are discussed, and significant strides have been made in or discussed about risk management during the past couple of years, there still are no universally recognized standards or criteria to evaluate or audit how the business is doing in these areas.

I have long been surprised that the auditing professions, external and internal, have not jumped on these areas and also governance.

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