Regulation S-K Disclosure Of Human Capital Resources, By Hedley Lawson, Aligned Growth Partners, LLC – Including Tate Comments: Also Useful In Relation To “S” In ESG

The following is a link to an article by Hedley Lawson of Aligned Growth Partners discussing new SEC amendments to Regulation S-K and requiring disclosure of human capital resources measures and objectives that the company focuses on in managing its business:

I particularly note (and I have pasted below) the discussion wherein Hedley lists broad categories that should receive consideration while also recognizing that “each company will need to evaluate its own particular circumstances to identify its human capital resources and determine their materiality to an understanding of its business.” The categories are also helpful for consideration in the context of the employer and workforce component of the “S” (social) criteria in ESG (environmental, social and governance). The following are the broad categories that are listed in the article:

Workforce governance
· Board or committee oversight of human capital strategy
· Role and expectations of the Chief Human Resources Officer
· Legal and ethical compliance
Workforce composition
· Agile and transformational talent acquisition and recruiting
· Meaningful, measurable, and sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion
· Experience and education of workforce
Workforce stability
· Voluntary and involuntary turnover analytics
· Actionable succession planning and employee promotability
· Meaningful employee satisfaction surveys
Workforce skills and development
· Professional and personal development opportunities
Workforce culture
· Employee engagement
· Work-life initiatives
· Employee health, safety, and well-being programs
· Employee recognition programs
Workforce compensation (in the absence of a Compensation Committee)
· Gender, racial, and generational pay equality
· Incentives and cash and non-cash benefits
· Targeted market compensation data and analysi

More to follow on these topics including human capital and ESG + Sustainability.

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