Beautiful Yosemite – Pictures From A Recent Trip – And Risk Management Re Traffic

Below are some pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago during a few days camping in Yosemite Valley. Yes, camping in a tent. I took the pictures with my Samsung Galaxy 6 and its four year old technology. So . . . obviously the view through my eye even more stunning.

Even so, risk management or enterprise risk management can be applied to everything. I’m just using this as a learning lesson. The traffic in the Valley was noticeable, and on one occasion the jam was very bad and delayed (a couple of us got out of the car and walked faster than the line of traffic). However, I saw very few of the great people mover buses that I used to see and use. I’m just wondering, where were the buses? I did not have the feeling that the problem was the numbers of people or the numbers of cars that were in the Valley – instead, I am thinking that the issue was something else. By the way, so as to not get slammed over this, I am not being critical of anyone, nor would I know who to be critical of, I am also not anti-car, and I do value a clean environment.

Enjoy the pictures.

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