Ohio State University Urban Meyer investigation report and other information

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I have provided below a link to a Yahoo.com Sports article about the events and investigation relating to Zach Smith, Urban Meyer, and Athletic Director Gene Smith, and a link to the investigation report and other documents provided by Ohio State University (which was also included as a link in the Yahoo.com Sports article).

I find this information fascinating, although I have only had time to skim some of the materials. It is fascinating for the fact that Ohio State included not only the investigation report, but also employment file documents. Although I have no way of knowing if Ohio State has been fully transparent, objective and independent in its investigation, the University certainly has gone to some length.

I am primarily interested in the investigation and the resulting report, and I will be providing additional comments about those matters in other posts.

I do note, however, something from the Zach Smith personnel materials – his 2017 Ohio State Football Assistant Coaches’ Performance Review (Public Record) under the “General” category “#27. Understands and adheres to University core values” has a “4” rating (meets expectations) which should be sufficient in most situations, but specifically does not contain a “5” rating (exceeds expectations), and I am wondering why it is a “4” and not a “5” – from what I have seen of Ohio State University, I would have expected that the University would have required a “5” rating, or included a comment that category #27 will be improved to a “5” rating. But, I’m also looking at this in hindsight which is a view that can be problematic and subject to error or misunderstanding.

Thanks for reading. More to follow. David Tate, Esq. 

Yahoo.com Sports article link:


Link to the Ohio State University website page (provided in the Yahoo.com Sports article), containing documents pertaining to Zach Smith (including his personnel file), Urban Myer, and the report following investigation: