A few things I am working on this week – because sometimes people don’t know what litigation attorneys do

I should do posts like this more often, just for the fun of it. The following are a few of the things that I am working on this week. Because sometimes people don’t know what litigation attorneys do. Of course I cannot provide names or too many specifics. Best to you. David Tate

1.  Preparation for taking a deposition of a party to the litigation, outline questions and issues to cover, select exhibits to ask about, and take the deposition – trust dispute case with possible no contest clause implications.

2.  Prepare and have served a subpoena for banking records in a case with an upcoming trial date.

3.  Prepare a detailed status conference statement to the court for a status hearing next week, and request additional trial dates on issues not resolved.

4.  Interact with the mediator in a case to see if settlement can still be achieved, or achieved on some of the issues.

5.  Work a complaint for failure to pay holdback and earnout amounts from an asset purchase agreement.

6.  Attend a court status hearing, and possibly obtain a trial date.

7.  New litigation client meeting – business litigation.

8.  Many interactions with opposing counsel.

9.  Review documentation relating to a possible new trust litigation case.

10.  And more, of course.