Will Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump really hand out candy and treats on Halloween?

Tonight at our house we will hand out candy and treats to children and their parents, and teens. Based on past experience in our neighborhood, we don’t have enough on hand, only a 150 piece Costco candy pack, and about 100 little play-dohs. We should have two or more 150 piece Costco bags.

I’m just wondering if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump knows what it’s like to hand out candy and treats on Halloween? Not just a photo op, but to actually answer the door for an hour or so. I have the same question about grocery stores – every few election cycles I hear about a national candidate that actually goes to a store to shop, and doesn’t know how to do it.

Not that a politician needs to do those things, but I just wonder, and don’t you kind of wonder when a politician leader doesn’t actually go to stores like a regular person?

For a week or so, I have also been watching a WWII series on Netflix. Although its cleaned up, it’s really shocking and gruesome. The numbers are staggering. Between Germany, Japan, Russia and Italy, its shocking the pain and deaths that the “leaders” caused for no reason.

In this election season, I would like to see transparency, advocacy yes but also mostly honesty, integrity, leadership, addressing the important issues, a game plan, knowledge of the issues, and a view toward representing the United States as a whole.

Happy Halloween. Trick or treat. Back to answering the door.